For oil or air, we offer coolers designed for your application, including all-aluminum, copper, and steel coolers. We provide solutions for:
  • Air
  • Hydraulics
  • Torque Converters
  • Pump Lube
  • Oil
Capabilities range up to 300 psi. and 200 horsepower heat loads. Coolers can be packaged with engine cooling radiators and charge air coolers to offer the complete cooling system in one unit.

For severe service applications, we offer heavy-duty cores produced with round tubes, heavy gauge
copper fins, welded steel manifolds, heavy-duty mechanically bonded tube-to-fin construction, and with extended surface turbulators to minimize laminar flow.

Aluminum coolers are vacuumed brazed in one piece for ultimate strength and vibration resistance. Aluminum coolers utilize heavy gauge serpentine fin design. Aluminum coolers utilize a one piece
extruded aluminum tube incorporating turbulators to minimize laminar oil flow.

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